Friday, April 15, 2011

It's Time to Break Up...I've been seeing another blog

I'm breaking up with this blog and moving on to this one. I've been tinkering with the new blog for a while now but haven't been willing to fully commit. But I guess it's time to stop playing games and break things off with the old blog -- 'cause it's really not fair to be involved with both at the same time (I don't want to be a two-timing hussy).

It's probably obvious that the theme of my writing has been slowly heading in the food direction and so I'm going to concentrate on that for most part in my new blog. But I also don't want to limit myself to just that (since I'm a moody person and often change my mind), so I didn't change my blog title to something foodie related (and goodness, I still don't like the word "foodie"). And besides, I like La Kelly Kelly Kelly. So that will remain.

I originally chose the title "La Kelly Kelly Kelly" for two reasons. The "La" does not stand for Los Angeles - I've never even been there. "La" is included in the title because of my first experience in South America staying with a host family. The whole family referred to me as "La Kelly" or "The Kelly" -- which is apparently pretty typical. New to the Spanish language at the time, I thought it was cute and a sort of ego boost. I am THE KELLY, I am the original, I am important. Heh.

The repetition of Kelly comes from the sitcom "Cheers" when Woody writes a birthday song for his girlfriend, Kelly. The lyrics are ridiculous and the bulk of them as just "Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly....." Check it out:

Silly. But it puts a smile on my face.

So yeah. I'm keeping my title because I love it. Bam. (Come on, you know you keep souvenirs from previous relationships.... right? don't people do that?)

I'm nervous about this new blog, I think it could be *the one* .... but ya know, I'm not going to get my hopes up just yet. Only time will tell if this is true blog-love.

Come visit me at the new blog! Leave comments, advice, suggestions, recipes!

Friday, April 1, 2011

It's Go Time

Waiting is over.

Stress is down.

Positivity is up.

Excitement is awesome.

Nervousness... is included.

It's go time.