Friday, November 12, 2010

Jumping Back into It

So once upon a time, long long ago this crazy girl was a serious athlete. Yes my friends, I was a competitive swimmer. I did the insanely early morning swim practices. I practiced for hours and hours a day. I lifted weights, did push-ups, crunches, lunges, pilates etc etc etc. I found the smell of chlorine comforting. I hung goggles from my car mirror and had an insanely large collection of swim suits in my closet.

Looking back on it. I can honestly say, I was INSANE. Most swimmers are pretty looney though. You have to be to put yourself through all of that.

My insanity was focused though. There was a time when I truly wanted to swim in college. I didn't even care about what I would major in, I just wanted to swim. As luck (or fate) would have it, this was not my future. I went through knee surgery my senior year of high school and had a forced (but much needed) break from swimming. This is when I finally made normal friends in high school because I actually had time to just "hang out." The friends I made are still amongst my closest to this day (thank you, knee surgery).

I went to college and joined the casual club swimming team. Most of us were formally nut-so training swimmers who didn't really know what else to do and were comforted by vaguely continuing our swim routines. Needless to say, we partied a lot.

When I graduated and no longer had "free" access to a swimming pool, I put a pause on swimming. Then I moved out of the country and probably got into a backyard pool ONCE in over two years.

Lately I've been have swimming dreams, so I started researching indoor pools close to my apartment. But frankly, I'm terrified. Terrified to start the insanity again. Wondering if I'm even capable anymore.

So I'll blog about it. And I hope some of you reading can keep me on track (in other words, I need cheerleaders).

Step one: buy a training suit and a sweet new pair of swedish goggles. Oh and a cap since I have too much hair.


  1. Okay... the hair and swimming might be a problem, but yay for you! Way to get back into it!

  2. Yeah definitely haven't even gone to the pool yet. wow I suck! I had sooo much motivation a week ago and then work just zapped it all out of me.
    I need a new job. :-(

  3. swedish goggles are no bueno. hurt my eye holes.