Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What's on my Mind?

Something has been bothering me about the food business (slash MY business): Fancy-ness.

You know, the whole super famous chef and his a billion star restaurant with penguin dressed servers silently anticipating your every want. The entrees that are 15 word descriptions of the dish (with words that I have never even heard) and the desserts look like mini sculptures.

Why is this the top? Why is this desirable? Is this where I'm supposed to want to be?

I'm sure there is a place for these fancy-shmancy restaurants in the world. But I refuse to let define and set the standard for food in the world.

I want my world of food to be a simple, beautiful, social experience.

And so, I'm starting a children's books about food collection. My list, so far, includes the classics like Green Eggs and Ham, Strega Nona, Stone Soup, and Chicken Soup with Rice.

Know any others? Please send me titles! I want to inspire my inner child to be excited about food again... To see the magic and wonder in cooking and cuisine.

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