Friday, September 18, 2009

Dear Chile, Happy Dieciocho!

Fiestas Patrias. Funny to think that one year ago I was in Chile going to fundas, eating obscene amounts of empanadas and drinking delicious Chilean wine (sorry, not a fan of the chicha).

And now I'm in Guatemala, missing Chile like it's my job. In honor of this nostalgia for my 2nd home and for the national holiday being celebrated, I bought a bottle of Concha y Toro Carmenere (on sale today for only 50Q!!*) and I made my own version of pebre using Guatemalan ingredients (which will probably mean the pebre will be super spicy, but I love it!). (OK OK, I also bought a bottle of Pisco. It's Capel. But come on now, it's pisco in, that's awesome!)

Completely unrelated to Chile, we're also making pan-fried chicken wings. Neither of us has ever done this before and most wing recipes online call for some amount of baking. Unfortunately, we don't have an oven (! oh yes, we definitely "live without" in many ways). This should be interesting (at this very moment I can hear the chicken sizzling). Hopefully we don't burn down our kitchen in our attempt to satisfy the craving for US style Happy Hour hot wings.

Pictures to come. And with that, I'm off to make sure the man isn't burning anything!

Viva Chile! Enjoy your chicha/vino/pisco!

* 8Q = 1 USD


  1. hey! I'm so happy to have found you (followed your comment from Sara!). Hope you and your sweetie had a nice 18. Are you all set up in your apartment over there? Glad you got internet set up. Crazy world!

    Looking forward to hearing more about the life of a fosforita (they called a red headed friend of mine fósforo in Guate years ago) in Guatemala. Glad you are well!

  2. HEY! New blog! 50 pretzels for a bottle of Concha y Toro that's about the same price as the US. So, does this new blog mean that you will be blogging more? I hope so!

  3. Eileen, yay you found me! Yeah we´re all set with living - just need to find a job now. Hope all is well in Chile!

    Sara - yeah but it was on sale. normally its like 88 pretzels (hahaha.. cracks me up everytime). I'm going to try to be a bit more regular with the blogging. keep after me about it!

  4. We visited Celestial Seasonings (makers of herb and tea drinks) in Boulder Coloarado this week. They get their lemon grass from Guatemala. Guatemala is also one of the few places in the western hemisphere that produces tea. Turns out you need altitude, heat and hunidity: does that sound about right?