Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Photo Wednesday: The Pregnancy

As requested (and because I'm too tired to write a real entry today)....

Pregnant Perla!

And evidence that Terry is indeed and evil evil little chihuahua (and he is actually smaller than Perla and has a girly-er bark -- both of which I find funny)...

Look close. There are two bite marks; one on the left wrist and the other on the right arm. Don't worry though, the man is fine - though slightly bruised at the moment.


  1. Is that her pregnant tummy? She's so tiny! How can she have babies?

  2. i have nooooo idea. but trust me, she's gotten fatter in the few weeks ive been here.

  3. Hussy! with no pants! But I'm so glad she's wearing a sweater. Her Chilean brothers and sisters would be proud.

  4. I'm pretty sure she would freeze her little feetsies off if she came to Santiago in the winter, poor girl. She would need boots, a scarf, and some long-underwear.

  5. rabies shots, I hope?