Monday, January 4, 2010

both sides of the coin or my love/hate relationship with travel

Like always when I leave a country to return to the US, I have a list of things I cannot wait to have when I get "home."

- a shower with hot water AND water pressure
- a fully equipped kitchen with lots of awesome kitchen tools (thanks mom!)
- a diet with far less pork
- a washer and a dryer
- drinkable tap-water

But there are also things I will miss....

- amazing coffee.
- freshly made corn tortillas
- chocobananos
- the man
- the academy (aka my place of work)
- spring-like weather always

I love/hate this feeling. It always starts when I begin to pack. It's this sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach (that has nothing to do with food poisoning). It's feeling like you're losing something important but at the same time it's excitement to move on. I think this feeling is exactly why I like flying. It's a rush of emotion and energy. It's intense.

I just wonder when after this I will have this feeling again..... we shall see.

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