Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Help save Kelly's bacon (and other food idioms)

As I have hinted at before, this blog is going to take a turn in the foodie direction. Fun! I'm still working out the specifics along with a blog name change... which is where you come in! I'd like some input on new blog names. I don't want to try to force this blog into being something that I'm not. So I'm embracing all aspects of my interests in order to incorporate them into something entirely and uniquely me. So I want the title to include an English food idiom.

So think up your favorite or pick one from what I have found and leave a comment. Explaining why you like it would be helpful as well!

cool as a cucumber
with a pinch of salt
in a nutshell
easy as pie
a piece of cake
spill the beans
nutty as a fruitcake
in a pickle

(etc etc .... yes I'm a language nerd - and I'm hoping all my fellow language nerds will add to the selection)

And so I'll leave you with the sandwich I had for lunch yesterday...laugh all you want, it was delicious.
And I have to say, buying the right bacon totally makes a huge difference. Being poor and so, in turn, rather frugal with my food purchases, I always opt for the cheaper alternatives. Obviously this will change the taste quality but I got used to it. Now with the help of my financial backer (thanks mom!) I can get my hands on slightly better quality and slightly more expensive food items. In conclusion, this bacon was awesome. (in case you're wondering, it is Oscar Meyer bacon. no joke)

(turkey lunch meat, bacon, spinach, colby jack cheese, pickles, banana peppers, mayo, and spicy mustard on whole wheat bread. Accompanied with Utz Maryland Crab chips - the best potato chip ever created! - and a pickle)


  1. Fun! I like this game.

    What about have your cake and eat it too?
    Or Take the cake, colder than ice, something so cold (usually personalities) it could freeze beer/vodka/wine, crying over over spilled milk. There I think that's it. I'm stuck now.

  2. the best thing since sliced bread!! (my favorite food idiom of all time) some others i can think of:

    fish out of water
    sour grapes (not so positive)
    couch potato (also not so good for a foodie blog..haha)
    going bananas/nuts
    hmm...i can't find my food idiom sheet and i can't remember any more off the top of my head. but can i just say, i love idioms?

  3. sara - havent heard the so cold it could freeze beer/vodka/wine one... kinda diggin it. And come on! I was expecting more out of you!

    abby - i love idioms too. my mother talks in idioms -- she is the best example of why you HAVE to learn idioms to truly understand english.
    "sour grapes" hadnt even crossed my mind, but i like it! despite the not so positive-ness (and since my personality comes across rather harsh and blunt most of the time "sour" seems fitting!)

  4. OH! do any of you Chile people have a picture of the "nuts 5 nuts" stand (that cracks me up everytime!) if yes, can you e-mail it to me??? pretty please!

  5. Hi Kelly,

    Regina here, for ExpatWomen.com.

    I would like to personally invite you to list your blog on our Expat Women Blog Directory (www.expatwomen.com/expatblog/) so that other women can read about and learn from your expat experiences.

    Many thanks in advance for your contribution and keep up your great blog!


  6. Regina - unfortunately im no longer an expat (at least for the time being). I will be in the US (my home country) for a few years for academic reasons and then be back out in the great wide world. thanks for the offer though!

    cheyo- that one's a little too nerdy for me. but im not surprised that you came up with something like that. ;)